Automate your workflows

With Automations, you can build custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks that your data team currently does manually. Automations are now available in all workspaces. Read more about Automations here
  • Refreshed navigation side bar UI
  • Added refresh button in Slack channel settings
  • Added lineage support for custom integration JSONL upload
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Oracle integration failing for Oracle cloud
  • Fixed Catalog tree navigation items not aligned
  • Fixed Resource page not utilizing full vertical space
  • Fixed Document toolbar icons not visible
  • Fixed Tableau failing with 401s while getting new token
  • Fixed Push metadata schedule and history tab missing
  • Fixed Catalog Governance and Verification filters missing titles
  • Fixed Snowflake -> Sigma missing lineage
  • Fixed Tables not loading on full size window
  • Fixed Duplicate Looker resources in workspace
  • Fixed Unchecked schemas brought in for Tableau
  • Fixed Creation queries are cut off
  • Fixed No lineage for Redshift views
  • Fixed Jira Integration failure due to missing email
  • Fixed Collection page re-rendering on title change
  • Fixed card view showing in Catalog page
  • Fixed Polytomic integration failing